To: The Lost

It's wonderful coming here and connecting with other believers that share the same love for Christ as I do, but for some reason today is different. Today my heart goes out to those that are lost and it reminds me why I share my testimony with others in the first place. I've been where they … Continue reading To: The Lost


To me and through me…

I don't know about you, but whenever I am called to do any sort of speaking in church I am coupled with the feeling of excitement and a little self consciousness. I'm excited about doing anything for God, yet,  I sometime wonder will I say or do the right thing and if I'm prepared enough. Then something … Continue reading To me and through me…


I thought I'd share with you all what has been repeatedly brought to my attention regarding rest... The sermon preached this past Sunday was from Job 22. The sermon was so good I went home and re-read the scriptures. I also sought out my study bible for a more in depth explanation. Prior to this I was … Continue reading Rest.